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of families experiencing homelessness are female-headed


of adults in homeless families are working


of Wyoming births are to unmarried mothers.


of households in Wyoming consist of single moms with children under 18

Sources: (accessed 10/19/2022) 

The McKenzie Home is for Wyoming

The McKenzie Home is for Wyoming

The McKenzie Home

Women who find themselves as a single parent often fall between the cracks in our society. The McKenzie Home at Washington Square gives them a safe place...

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The McKenzie Home for single moms at Washington Elementary School in Green River Wyoming

Sheri, Single mom for 15 years

.    The hardest thing about being a single mom was dating and trying to find a partner that would, or could, help us out. Dating is hard enough as is, but when you have a little child at home that depends on you, it's hard to decide if you should bring someone else into your life. I always wondered if anyone could love her the way she should be loved, and if we had more children together how that would make her feel. Would it be obvious to her that he loved his biological kids more than her.

     I think that single moms need God more than anything. They need to learn that God's love for them and their child/children trumps all. They need guidance on how to care for their children and have enough respect for themselves to find someone truly worthy of the privilege to love them both and help provide.  

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