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When the building is open and operating, we will need 24 rooms furnished for the moms and their children. We will need banquet-style round and rectangular tables and folding chairs, plus couches, loveseats, and chairs for a living room setting. We will also need outdoor seating and tables for the atrium. There will be a need for supplies for cleaning: cleansers, toilet paper, paper towels, vacuums, mops, brooms, etc. Since part of the building will be filled with and funded by leased office space, we will need a few conference tables and chairs. Finally, kitchen equipment donations will be essential: dishes, cooking pots and pans, and utensils. 


The most critical need by far, however, is funding to restore and rebuild the historic building we'll be calling home. The McKenzie Home is seeking to raise $18 million to redesign and rebuild the historical Washington Elementary School in Green River, Wyoming. That building will become safe and comfortable housing for single mothers and their children, with the excess space converted to leased office space and a community gathering place. 


The Building

Restore and Revive...

Together we can restore the historical Washington Elementary School site to become a 24-room residence for single mothers and their children. Read more


The Comforts


A house isn't a home without essential furnishings - couches, loveseats, comfy chair, round and rectangular banquet tables, folding chairs, outdoor seating and more will create true living spaces. 


The Extras

Toiletries, Kitchenware & More...

Cleaning supplies, office supplies, kitchen equipment, pots, pans, dishes and even toilet paper, vacuums and brooms. You can help by donating the essentials.


Have a special skill or talent? Or just a willingness to be of help anywhere? From restoring The McKenzie Home building to providing essential furnishings, or even hosting a fundraising and awareness event... there are numerous ways to jump in and help. Thank you for joining us!

How can you help?

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