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McKenzie Home receives donation from Trona Valley Federal Credit Union

Wyo4News photo left to right: Karrie Fischer, Steffany Arellano, Deli Ranieri, Val Knight, Jeremy Gibson, Stephanie Riddle, Diana Morrell, Shelley Yoak

December 29, 2022, Sweetwater County, Wyoming – Trona Valley Federal Credit Union made a $10,000 financial contribution to the McKenzie Home project today at the Green River Branch.

The McKenzie Home is a project that begin over a year ago with the vision of turning the now-vacant Washington Square into a support center for single mothers. Plans for the home include being a transitional home, supportive counseling and training, preservation and utilization of a historical landmark in the community, serving local businesses, becoming self-sustaining, and representing the State of Wyoming and the community.

Debra Moerke of Casper is responsible for kickstarting the idea due to her passion for helping young mothers, and children, but also for her love of the actual building itself with a desire to breathe life back into it.

The goal for the McKenzie Home was to have a functioning facility three years after the initial start-up, last year. Plans for the home are now being carried out by three different boards – a governing board, which is led by Moerke herself out of Casper, a working board with members from Sweetwater County, and an advisory board comprised of 17-20 members including a building inspector, attorney, etc.

Working board members including Diana Morrell, Val Knight, and Board Chairman Karrie Fischer were in attendance today to receive the funds from Trona Valley.

“Receiving this today covered a big step in the project including the cost and feasibility of the building. A donation like this puts the project almost a year ahead of schedule,” said Fischer, “It means a lot coming from Trona Valley because you are such a big part of the community.”

Trona Valley’s CEO Jeremy Gibson, CIO Stephanie Riddle, CHRO Deli Ranierie, Lending Supervisor Shelley Yoak, and Green River Branch Manager Steffany Arellano were in attendance today as well.

Gibson stated, “Funds were set aside for the 22-23 year to be made available to a local foundation or need. This idea was brought up and after some collaboration between branches it was decided to give the money to this project.”

Ranierie followed up with “This is a unique opportunity to align ourselves with a cause that shares our values of being able to help people in our community.”

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